Do you need Virtual Assistant Certification for running your online business?


Do you really need virtual assistant certification to run your online Virtual assistant business? This question may arise when you look at highly competitive Virtual assistant industry  outside. As we have mentioned in our earlier articles that a virtual Assistant is an independent assistant who work for multiple clients on contract basis.

Understanding the boundary of Virtual Assistant working area is little difficult. But in easy language one can say that a VA provides administrative, technical services, creative and data entry type jobs. Virtual Assistant can serve Small business as well as they can work for large companies.

This industry is developing too fast,  because client get enough time to balance their home, life and work by outsourcing some of his jobs to a professional VA. And that’s why the VA companies are now dreaming to become Entrepreneur.

Today our topic of discussion is Virtual Assistant Certification. Certifications show your clients that you take your job seriously, and you are professional. You will need a certificate no matter either you are working for a company or you run your own business, to have the attention and faith of client you need  to be certified. Although there is no academic degree that you can earn from a school, college or university. With minimal computer skill and standard administrative training you can start working as a Virtual Assistant. But as I mentioned that Virtual Assistant industry is growing rapidly, and with this daily development clients are getting concerned about the quality. So these days many organizations provide Virtual Assistant Certification. This certification process are different for different organization. For example to earn a Virtual Assistant Certification from International Virtual Assistants Association you need to work for at least one year as a VA, then you can claim for it. For Virtual Assistant Certification,  you need to create your own client base, and then you to work for them 1 year.

Then the organization will ask you to prove that you work as an independent contractor. After that you go under a series of questions and then you have to submit your copies of tax return. They will check your client testimonial. After all these official work they will decide either you deserve a certificate or not. The VA certified certificate cost $95 but in Case of IVAA you have to join the association for an annual fee of $137.

1. Expert Rating is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. They offers online training and certification for both companies and individuals. Their business has reached over 160 countries and around 2,700,000 people have been benefited through their online certification.

2. IVAA: The International Virtual Assistants Association is a nonprofit organization.

Members of IVAA not only get the optional certification here but also get some additional benefits like accessing the member directory, request for a proposal etc.

They have three types of payment options:

  • Annually $137.00
  • Semi-Annually – $ 80 payable 2 x per year ($160 total)
  • Quarterly – $44 payable 4 x per year ($176 total)

3. VA Classroom: They offer training for Virtual assistant, consultant and online professionals. They also provide some additional benefits to their members like Live Events, Community Forums etc.

4. Universal Class: They have an online course for virtual assistant, named Virtual assistant 101. This course is cost $40, and if want a CEU certificate after the course then whole package will cost $65.

5. IAP Career College: They provide an online course for virtual assistant job. In this course one may learn the basics of virtual assistance job, the working principal and the practical techniques. The content of this program is full with how to start a Virtual assistant business, how to apply for a job and how to get hired. This course is cost $97.00.

6. Algonquin College: If you are thinking to start your career as a work from home executive then this institute might help you to get a virtual assistant certificate by persuiting a course on their institute. They have 5 courses related to Virtual Assistant:

  • Business Administration for the Virtual Assistant
  • Media Alternatives for the Virtual Assistant
  • Marketing Alternatives for the Virtual Assistant
  • Web Development for the Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Work Placement

7. VA After completing four easy steps you may get a VA certificate fromVA networking. This process is based on your working experience, Eduacation and VA training. The registration of this certificate is cost $95. But this certificate is not for life time, after every 3 years you have to renew it for $75.

So here’s a list of top 7 sources for you, where you can apply for a Virtual Assistant Certification, and get your clients know that you are the right choice for the job because you are certified. That’s all for today. Keep checking our blogs for more updates.

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