Virtual Assistance service cases studies

1. Database creation of all Health organizations in South Australia

INUSTRY: Health and Pharmaceutical

Client profile: Client is a CEO and renowned Author from South Australia

Project Scope: Client needed data on top 100 organizations from South Australia providing health services and consulting to local peoples. She needed brief company profile, leadership contacts etc .

Ennovation solution:

We have done an extensive research and extended the following services

1. Developed database of 100 companies with detail contacts

2. Send them mail to attend a seminar


50% contacts responded positively

Client was highly impressed with the result .


“I’ve been working with this lovely provider for a very long time now and HIGHLY recommend them. I will not change to any other provider for this type of work. Professional, incredible communication skills, timely. Thank you again!”

2. Research on Conferences

Industry: Education

Client profile: Client is a CEO of a Education Venture in US and a renowned Author

Project Scope: Client like to present his paper on Big data at renowned conference on Bid DATA in US and UK.  He needed data on top 50 conference data  with contact details , topics , timelines


1. We have developed a list of 50 top BIG DATA conference list with all details

2. We developed the check list and time line reports for all the conference


Client was very happy with the comprehensive data with planer for application


“I have used this provider a number of times in the past, and every time we work together they deliver exactly what is asked, always on time, and of a very high quality. I will continue to use this provider and would encourage other people to do so as well.”


3. Healthy living guides for Australian capitol cities


Industry: Health and Nutrition

Client profile: Client is a CEO of a Restaurant Chain and  Chief Chef

Project Scope: Client wanted a comprehensive health guide on 4 capital  cities in Australia . This guide consisted of Vegan food restaurant , vegan food shopping centers , Health retreats etc .


1. This was a very big project . We developed 4 different guides for 4 different cities

2. We added reviews on major  business organization and added Google Maps for local guidance


Client was extremely happy with the result so that renewed contacts for four more regions with same job scope.


““Excellent work as always, very thorough and dedicated. I have used Ennovation several times already and I intend to again in the future. ”

4.  Help with Mailchimp contacts upload

Industry: Financial Industry

Client profile: Client is a CEO of a financial analyst Firm

Project Scope: Client wanted us to update his mailchimp opt-in database for his upcoming news letter/ event services


1. We have uploaded all contacts list

2. Created  and updated separate lists with different email campaign


Client was extremely happy with the result  and awarded us additional email campaign projects .


“Always very happy with this provider. Goes above and beyond. Wonderful communication. Always prompt. Highly recommend and will continue to use them as my only VA.. ”