Top ten apps for small business owners


Our life surrounded with apps these days, from texting to uploading photos, everything is  performed with apps. An apps not only being used for playing games or doing Whatsapp, even small business can be served by these apps. Today I’ll disclose top ten apps for small business owner with their features.

1. Evernote: It will help you to save ideas and photos. The interesting part of evernote is that with a single account you can access it from any of your devices. That can be your smart phone or your personal laptop or your office desktop.

2. Google drive: It will help you to share files, documents, photos, even mp3 and videos. It is also accessible from any of your device like smart phone, tab, and PC. Basically it’s a cloud storage with 5 GB capacity.

3. FormMobi: It’s an important apps for small business. Its offer simple and easy electronic paper transfer for small business. It’s totally electronic solution which is available for IOS and google play. This app is also called virtual clipboard. It has some additional features like taking photos, capturing audios etc.

4. Bump: It is a revolution in the history of apps. It allows sharing business information. This virtual business card apps has taken place of traditional business card. Since its development in 2008, it has 8 million monthly users and 27 million downloads.

5. Tripit: Tripit is another popular apps for small business . Do you have to make 3 flight a day and then rent a car, then Tripit is your one stop solution. From booking flight ticket to rent a cab Tripit can sort out everything. In additional features, you’ll be able to check weather update, maps, direction etc.

6. LocalVox: Local vox is a web marketing app that allows its user to create an online brand. Business owner can update their brand promotion, offers, discounts, news here . With a single click you can manage your social media accounts, website, newsletter, business directory from it. Hence, it’s an apps for small business

7. Talk to Me: This is a real time foreign language translator. Imagine you are in Hong Kong and needs to ask a shopkeeper about the price of the digital camera in local language. Talk to me will translate this for you.

Say something in English, and it will convert it into 40 languages. You can play back this voice also, and send this as a text also through mail or SMS. This app can also convert text to speech.

8. Square: Square is transforming the way we transact by empowering anyone with a Smartphone or tablet to easily accept credit card payments. There’s no sign up cost or monthly fees. The service takes 2.75% for every transaction.

9. DocuSign Ink: This app can be used for sign on business papers and contracts online. By using this app you can save your signature to sign on virtual documents. You can also invite others to sign on online documents by using this app.

10. Mynd: This app is called Calendar with a brain. For example you are going to meet someone, Mynd will automatically check his/her LinkedIn profile, so will have some back ground information about that person before you meet him/her. To visit a place for attaining meeting Mynd will inform you traffic update, weather update etc.


So here you have top 10 lists of  apps for small business that will help you to run your small business smoothly and less stress-fully. If you are running an online business or virtual assistant business, even though these apps will help you. These apps also suitable for virtual assistant professionals/companies.

Check out the list once again. You have app for organizing and sharing tasks schedules and jobs. Then you have app for sharing media and cloud storage. For travel solution you have tripIt and language solution you have talk to me. FormMobi will help you with transferring paper and Bump will help you to share business information. LocalVox and DocuSign Ink will help you to deal with online features.

Hope you find this helpful.

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