Top 4 Online selling tips for small business


Online selling tips for small business  :

The ultimate success of any business boils down to how much one can sell. Whether you are an online business or an offline one, the online selling tactics would be an outstanding strategy. The overall strategy for online selling is pretty much same as that of the offline counterpart. You have to attract the customers to your e-commerce website (just like you would draw them towards your shop!). For small businesses, investing a lot of money in online selling isn’t an viable option at the initial stage. So, how to leverage the tools and facilities available, to reach out to as many customers as possible? Here we mention top 4 selling tips for small business for effective selling and brand building .

1.Draw audience with useful content
The early forms of online advertising like banners and pop-up ads don’t really work much these days (they are simply annoying and might even drive the customers away!). So, start a blog in your website! Generate useful content for the customers. These pieces need not always be about the products and services that you offer, but something related to the type of customers who buy your products or services. If more people visit your site, the chances are they may end up exploring what your offer. And, before you know it, online sales are rising!

Action tips : If you have enough time for writing , then it’s okay , but if you have limited time at hand , you could appoint a virtual assistant for wiring assignments at a fraction of cost to save your valuable time .

Use Email Campaigns:

This is logically the direct extension of using pamphlets to advertise your offline business. There are many email brokers, who will sell you email addresses of random people. It doesn’t incur a lot of cost and at the same time very ineffective for online selling. The problem is that the people to whom you email about your offers are at random places and would most likely put you in the Spam filters! Instead, collect the email ids of your existing customers, and also encourage visitors to your website to signup for getting newsletter with latest offerings and other information. This would send your emails to the type of people who actually are concerned about it.

Action tips : Many a time it may happen that you don’t have ready email list of your target segment for new product launch or new venture . You can hire a virtual assistant to develop a list of 100-200 email contacts and run an email campaign . I suggest not to go for bulk email purchase as this set may not be your target segment .

Use Social Media

It is arguably the most powerful platform for advertising. You have lots and lots of people involved and a set platform to actually interact with the people. The social networking triumvirate of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (and even Tumblr) can be used to inform people about your latest offerings. The advantage with the social media is that same type of people are generally present in a network, which significantly increase the audience. Moreover, you don’t always have to use banners to advertise yourself. Native advertising is the next big thing, and it means using posts or tweets or blogs to talk about your products and services, which can seamlessly contribute to your online selling.

Actions tips : Make a 6-7 days plan for content posts . We have done similar projects for managing FB fan pages . We do a week content plan for Facebook , then we put one dedicated virtual assistant to manage the schedule posts . If you have 5 hours time in a week , then you can manage FB Fan page on your own .

Brand yourself
This is a slow online selling technique, but it should be in the back of your head right from the start of the campaign. The reason is that people like to buy things which stand out. Hence, during each step of the online selling campaign, try to make yourself standout.

Action tips : This is one of best effective selling tips for small business owners . Make a monthly plan for networking activities , joint venture initiatives with fellow owners , be active on various online forums . Long time plan and efforts will help you to build a strong brand .

Conclusion :

Online selling campaigns aren’t really an option for small businesses, it is a necessity. Even if your business has got nothing to do with the Internet, it’s advisable that you spend some reasonable time thinking about improving your online presence and build the online selling rapport. Being a small scale business or a start up, shouldn’t stop you because, the tools and techniques required to make the basic progress aren’t very money consuming. Hence, get on with and invest money on online selling.



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