Top 14 marketing ideas for virtual assistants

marketing ideas for virtual assistants

With the advent of social media platforms and other online marketing tools, you don’t have to pay hardly any money for marketing your new virtual assistant business. All you need is just a little time, effort and skills. When you set up your Virtual assistant (VA) firm, you need to have good marketing ideas for promoting your business. A virtual assistant company has limited budget for marketing, so in this articles we share best marketing ideas for virtual assistants.

It’s really necessary to understand for a virtual Assistant that VA Marketing is not that kind of job to finish at once. It‘s an ongoing process. You have to keep on informing about your Products, Coupons, Offers to everyone to everywhere. Without telling people about you or without marketing, a virtual assistant becomes Secret Virtual Assistant.

So based on our market research and 4 years of industry experience as a leading virtual assistant company in India , we have found many a virtual assistant tools, software and methods as a set of best marketing ideas for virtual assistants.

Marketing is like built a building. You have to make strong foundation, which can stand up against rain and storm. From experience we can say that follow the basic marketing tips and rest you’ll get from this article. So keep in mind marketing basics and follow some of these marketing ideas for Virtual Assistant mentioned here for promoting your virtual assistant company /practice.

A. Online marketing ideas for virtual assistants:

1. Setting up a virtual assistant website:

virtual assistant website

Virtual assistant business is online in nature. You have to provide your services online ( i.e. in virtual mode ) and your need to reach your client through online media ( email , online website , forum , job board etc ) . To build your online presence as a professional administrative assistant, you need to have personal or company website to showcase your products and skills.

First thing you have to do is setting up a website. It is the platform for you where your clients can find you up, and know about you. It will surely help you to get some clients.

Your virtual assistant website needs to be simple and professional looking. Don’t spend too much money on website development. You can hire freelance website designer to develop website on wordpress platform as it’s free and lots of free plug-ins available for future maintenance and marketing. Select your domain name wisely considering keyword representing your industry. You can use Yoast SEO plug-in for managing on-page optimization. You can hire SEO team for few months to bring more traffic to your website for reaching more clients.
I strong suggest you to have YouTube video embedded on your homepage as this will bring more traffic to your website.

2. Article marketing
Article marketing

Once website is up, then you have to go for the article marketing. Write Articles with special focus on the industry specific keywords and use those in your articles’ headings. This is a technique that helps in boosting traffic to your website. This in turn can promote your business to a large audience.
I have been using for last three 3 years to direct traffic to my website. This is free article posting website, only you need to post high quality original article with a link back to your website. Also a link from high page rank (PR) article website improves domain authority of your website in long run.

Some good articles directories:
a. ( PR 7 )
b. Hubpages ( PR 6 )
c. (PR 8 )

You can see the list of top article directories

How much relevant of article marketing after so many Google search engine update:

Matt Cutts from Google shares his views that the importance of article directories for generating traffic to author’s website is getting diminished from Google search engine algorithm
As per report from Searchenginewatch – “Cutts also hinted that their search algorithm is filtering, or perhaps even penalizing, mass article directory spam.”

3. Using press release

Press release

Now it’s time for press release. It is similar to article marketing . But instead of writing any topic about your industry based topics , you have to write about your business or your business related events. Press release is very sensitive and it will create a short time buzz. For a specific purpose it will promote a certain aspect for your business.

Leader of the market is: PR Web
But you can try few other free PR sites :

Wait ! – There is a lot of changes happened after Google Panda 4 release this May 2014 . As per report from Searchengineland , many Press Release websites got a beating after Google Panda 4 update . We need to watch few more month for actual effects of Panda 4 for press release sites in Google search engine ranking.

Still I feel the posting 1-2 press releases on 1-2 free PR sites can be counted as a one of the best marketing ideas for virtual assistants.

Here is a list of free Press release websites

4. Posting your topics on virtual assistant forum

VA Forum

There are many reputed and active virtual assistant forums connecting VAs from different countries. As a new VA, you can join those forums. Post some relevant topics, ask seniors for views. This way you can develop network with your other VA members.

Popular Virtual assistant forums:

a. The Virtual Assistant Forums – Free to join.

b. Virtual Assistantville – This is a virtual assistant directory. They offer only paid service. Basic membership and listing start at just $2.99/month

c. The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) : This is very reputed non-profit organization dedicated to the virtual assistant professional

d. Vanetworking : They provide online conference , VA webinars . They have both free and paid membership options .

e. : This is relatively a new forum . You can join and build contacts .

f. Society of Virtual Assistants UK : We have found this forum very active with lots of posts . I feel you can join there and post topics or comments other posts to develop your presence .

g. This is very reputed from and we have found a very good thread for Virtual assistant . It’s worth to try this forum for creating buzz.

Do not only subscribe virtual assistant forums or take part in a group chat, but also build some networks on other business forums, marketing forums etc. Do some lead generation also. And remember try to get some job leads from this different networking sites. This area is called online networking.

5. Blog writing

blog writing

Blog writing is also a one of the best marketing ideas for Virtual Assistant to get attention of your clients. It is a great way for promoting your business online. Blogs are used to get attention of search engine and its drives traffic towards your website. If a VA can handle blog in a good way, it will increase your customer base, Search engine ranking and traffic. It’s all causes increases of your sales.

To get more traffic to your website through blog writing ( content marketing ) practice , you need to publish one at least one article per week . Your every blog post should come with new industry related keywords and should contain 500 words .

6. Search Engine Marketing for your virtual assistant business


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also a nice way to catch traffic. You can improve your site’s ranking by using SEO. By buying Pay Per Click (PPC) ads you can get a good search result.
You can get listed in online directories which have good search result value. It is similar to an offline yellow page listing.

Your site’s link is the address to reach your website. So whenever you are commenting or sharing your views just post your links along with it. It is called link building.

7. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the most effective way to create a buzz. It is really necessary to be sounds good in Social media sites. Just continue posting, sharing, tweeting, pinning with quotes thoughts, images, views, and videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube etc. And keep your clients and viewers busy and make them coming back to your website or your social media sites. It will help you to keep in touch with your clients.

8. Email Marketing:

Among the various online marketing strategies, Email marketing has highest Rectum of investment. We have found most of the small business owners use email marketing to get in touch with clients irrespective of their locations. You can generate email list from your other online activities or appoint an online lead generation company to generate 100-500 target emails list. With their email addresses and you can keep them informed about your products. Mail Chimp is one of the best lists building software.

How effective is Email marketing : Here is a report ROI of Email marketing report from Marketingsherpa

Email marketing ROI

B. Offline Marketing ideas for virtual assistants:

9. Portfolio: :

Creating portfolio is the show window for your business. So it is really necessary to choose subject which will get placed in your portfolio. We suggest the following for you.
Start with a introduction letter, Then write about your Mission and Vision, Now it’s time get them informed about your articles and press release , and don’t forget to include your price list and if possible then mention some case study.

10. Networking:

Networking is about getting touched with people and being authentic and genuine. Virtual Assistant Networking is not so difficult. And not so costly also. All you need is just little bit time and patience. Networking is just like socializing so it’s important to where you have to speak about yourself, so our suggestion is to create contacts in Business Seminars, Your Previous Colleagues, Alumni networks, Friends from this area etc.

11. Advertising: :

Stopping advertising doesn’t make any sense it seems like stopping the clock to save time. It is really important to sketch the benefit of your advertising. Make a plan for least cost online and offline advertising activities .

12. Bait Pieces:

It something like catch your client’s attention to your products with some value added service or discounts. It is a part of marketing strategy. So be cautious and know about your target market whenever your design a product.

13. List Building and mail marketing::

Make a list of your clients, leads and prospects and collect their business cards in various events . And send then greeting and wishes on various occasions with your product brochures. This is good for attracting local clients .
You can also wish them Birthday or sent them greetings text.

14. Face to Face Marketing:

Face to face meeting

It is really important to attain a face to face meeting and then get your client from here. But most people afraid of rejection. So you have to get rid of this attitude and have to keep an open heart. And tell people about you and your company and what you generally do and what are your client’s benefits of having you as a partner or as VA, with great credits. Remember the success lies on never give up. And you may get many a ‘NO’ before a “YES”. But every no will take you closer to a yes. Few things you have to get in mind for a face to face marketing. And our suggestion is be sensitive, good dressing sense, get done your home work well, be prepare for the worst and hope for the best and reach in time. And above all it’s all depends on your manner, approach and talking style. So be smart and confident. And remember everything is good in small doses.

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