Top 10 virtual assistant tools and resources you can use for managing your remote team

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If you are a small business owner looking for virtual assistant (VA) support to manage your day to day operation, then this article will help you to select all or some of the tools to delegate tasks to your VA team. These tools are equally important for Virtual assistant team to assist their clients’ business operation.

As a virtual assistant company in India, we have used most of these virtual assistant tools in many occasions. Whether you are a small business owner or virtual assistant, you can use the following tools for supporting daily business operation:


1. Basecamp : This is one of the most popular web based project management tools. This is very easy to use this tool. Basecamp provides 60 days free trials.
This helps us to store, manage and share files. You can use it for time tracking, task management. We have extensively used it to manage both onetime project (fixed project) and ongoing projects. Basecamp Classic offers multi language supports. We have found that many virtual assistant companies are using this tool with their clients.

DROPBOX latest
2. Dropbox : Undoubtedly , this is one of the most popular tool we use in our day to day Virtual assistant business .It’s an excellent cloud storage solution providing instant file synchronization . When you hire your VA, you can sync a file or folder from your computer and share it with your VA. File sharing and work collaboration become so easy with this free app. This also provides a good back up support for ongoing projects files stored in Dropbox folder.

Google Calender

3. Google Calendar.

This is another excellent free web based tool offered by Google to schedule and manage your events. Google allows you to create multiple calendars and all to be shown in same view. You can import MS Outlook calendar files.

You can crate multiple calendars and share with different virtual assistants with various permission settings. This make easy for small business owners to manage multiple VA teams .

Group Me latest

4. GroupMe

This is another free popular tool for Virtual assistant. This helps you chats with your virtual team member or talking to a group (group chats). Most importantly, it works on every phone.

tiny take

5. Tiny Take – We are using this tool extensively for taking screen shots, capture videos, and capture webcam videos. I strongly recommend this as this is free and easy to use tool.


6. Skype
This is our top 3 free tools for Virtual assistant team. If you are a VA or a client managing multiple VA teams, this tool is undoubtedly the best tools to share files, images, chats, video or audio talks.

We are regularly using this free tool for managing team members and communicating with vendors and clients. This is one of the most widely used tools by small business owners across the worlds.

7. SnagIt

This is excellent tool used by many Virtual assistant or clients for taking and sharing screen shots. Various options allow you to highlight points and share quickly with your team members via emails.

sweet process
8. SweetProcess
This is another cloud based tool helps you to document recurring procedures and share the same with your team members so they can follow and replicate the process later. This brings automation in repetitive tasks.

Box logo


This is another online file staring and cloud storage solution for Virtual assistant industry. They have freemium business model – provides 10 GB free space for personal use. They also offer premium features in paid models .



10. Jing
This is very simple and handy screen capturing software. This helps you quickly to explain what you want from your virtual assistant team .

I know it may be difficult to know and use all these tools at a time. From our experience, we have found small business owners can master these tools over a year. But , these are very indispensible tools for any virtual assistant business /agency to provide seamless support to their global clients .

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