Term and Condition

The Terms and Conditions is applicable between Enovation Consulting and their clients.

1. Scope of Services-  We believe in the service providing, that has been discussed in the meeting with the client.

2. Responsibility of Contributors- If you need us to operate a blog, comment on a blog, put some data into a Website, post link on the website, it’s your duty to let us know about that, like Text, Graphics, Audio File, Any Software etc.

3. Payment- The payment term describe that if any Client don’t make the payment at the right time or the right amount then Enovation has the authority to not deliver the report. Enovation can also withhold the release of any IP created during the Deliverable process.

4. Independent Contractor- Enovation is and will remain an independent contractors in the case of relationship with the client.

5. Further Documentation- If any other documents is necessary to forward the work progress, both party will agree to execute such provision when the need will arise.

6. Responsibility of Website Visitors- While surfing our website virus can attack your system. So it is your responsibility to take precaution from Viruses, Trojan Horses, and other harmful or destructive content by using an Anti Virus.

7. Confidentiality & Nondisclosure- Confidential information means business related information which is the subject to privacy rules. Neither Enovation nor Client will disclose any confidential information to any third party or other party.

8.Miscellaneous- his Agreement says that the entire agreement between Enovation and The Client is a subject matter hereof.