Artificial Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant industry update – Era of Intelligent virtual assistant (IVA)

Ennovation consulting has taken an initiative to update our visitors with the latest happenings in Virtual assistant industry. Many market level forces affect the dynamics of Virtual assistant industry. I like to cover some facts/trends on a regular

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How to start career as an administrative virtual assistant

Looking for administrative virtual assistant career ! One has to keep on advocating himself to become an established administrative virtual assistant. One can definitely increase the chances of becoming an administrative virtual assistant by

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Why should you hire Virtual assistant for market research?

Role of Virtual assistant for market research: A qualified virtual assistant could be a great resource for conducting online market research for identifying market potential of your new business venture. If you have a good business idea and  you

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Why can’t you miss the top 10 Virtual Assistant Forums?

 Virtual assistant forums - why are those  important to a virtual assistant ?   If you are a virtual assistant or running a virtual assistant company, you should use virtual assistant forums to get connected with your industry experts and

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