How to start career as an administrative virtual assistant

Looking for administrative virtual assistant career !

One has to keep on advocating himself to become an established administrative virtual assistant. One can definitely increase the chances of becoming an administrative virtual assistant by acquiring some administrative expertise ,updating relevant qualification, having a professional looking website or blog  and increasing  network both real world and online.

administrative virtual assistant

administrative virtual assistant

An administrative virtual assistant now a day is much more than a common secretary at the employer’s office who is supposed to keep track of each and every prosaic or major tasks of the employer daily basis remotely from home corner through online.

The tasks like web design, bookkeeping, transcription, social media management etc. can also be entrusted upon some administrative virtual assistants these days.

It someone has planning to take up administrative virtual assistant as a career then below mentioned Tips can be very useful.

1. Acquiring Proper Education:

Basically, there is no fixed or official qualification required for being an administrative virtual assistant, but the process of continued learning is a plus point and might be accepted as an added privilege for some of the employers around the globe. People interested is making career as an administrative virtual assistant should undergo online expertise courses in order to be a certified professional. One can always choose any specific stream or field within administrative virtual assistant i.e. virtual assistant research or social media virtual assistant etc.

2. Acquiring Some Relevant Expertise:

One has to acquire some relevant expertise as an administrative virtual assistant before start working independently. One can serve to any good company on volunteer basis if the person does not have expertise in working as an administrative assistant like receptionist or secretary.

3. Getting a profession looking Website and Marketing it online properly :

One has to get a profession looking Website showing the complete profile, portfolio containing past works of the particular professional and the positive reviews from the satisfied clients which will create a good impression in the mind of the employers visiting the website.

The website has to be marketed online by some expert SEO professional so that all those skills, ingenuities and endeavors highlighted in the website are reached to the maximum number of prospective clients around the world.

Besides getting a website an administrative virtual assistant has to upload resume highlighting expertise, valid certification / education etc to some online job portals for Virtual assistant which can be obtained from online search with the keyword “Virtual assistant job”.

One should participate in few virtual assistant job forums like WAHM after making personal profile with proper link signature in order to be targeted by resourceful employers.

Setting up complete online profiles on freelancing sites like or etc and responding to administrative virtual assistant job advertisements over there with valid resume along with proper cover letter will certainly increase the chance of being employed.

4. Active participation in Social Media Networks:

Besides taking part in forums and posting resumes in virtual assistant job portals one must participate actively in social media sites like GPlus, LinkedIn,Facebook and Twitter etc. in order to maintain professional rapport with clients around the world. This professional rapport is created after years of active participation in those social networking sites and should always be maintained at any cost. It is also suggestible to join some professional groups, networks or communities related to virtual assistant, small business or outsourcing etc with in Linkedin ,facebook ,Gplus in order to obtain better business lead.

5. Offering competitive prices to clients:

Initially one should not charge too high from clients in order to get business on regular basis. One should know very well how much an administrative virtual assistant can charge from a client before fixing up fees structure finally. He /she can do some research on internet for that purpose.

Sibesh Chakraborty is an SEO and Social Media Staff Trainer in Ennovation Consulting – the reputed virtual assistant India, market research, SEO and other virtual assistant services.

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