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For years now, Ennovation Consultant has enabled a perfect mix of flawless virtual assistant services and customer satisfaction. Our delivery of market research reports, business analysis and simplified marketing solutions at our customer’s doorstep have engraved our image as an inevitably dependable organization catering to any and every solution to your business problems. We provide the most perfectly trimmed solutions for your growing business in the following areas

1.Virtual Assistant services:

You can outsource your virtual assistant jobs to us as our virtual assistant services has already clocked thousand hours of work record to support our clients’ need in a virtual environment where a client can outsource his/her tedious tasks to a trusted hands while managing his/her core business activities . Virtual assistance service includes

  • Emailing campaign support
  • Social media management
  • Lead generation support
  • Simple and complex data entry work etc


2.Research and consulting services

We understand that research enables data collection, without which no decision would hold any credibility in the testing market environment.We have completed over 200 virtual assistant jobs in Research and business consulting niche .

Online research

Researching online is difficult because there is a lack of trust when dealing online. We have various online marketing research tools to help you define and grow your business on the internet.

Business Research  

Our team of experts is well equipped with the perfect device called experience to handle the tedious unmentionables included in the entire business research process.

Market Research  

Market research is an ongoing process. With our perfect systems in place, we understand that our clientele depend on our ongoing and ever prevalent market research. We do our best to provide you with updated market environment report as an enjoyable read on your breakfast table.

Industry Specific Research
Thinking of launching a new brand and penetrating an entirely new industry? We are the perfect option for you. We enable our customers to get ahead of with the cutting edge and crafted expertise that we have to offer with our service.

SWOT Analysis

Our customized SWOT analysis template is an invaluable asset to your business. Our service offers an insight on what your strengths are and how you are equipped to face the alien markets. It helps you eliminate the weaknesses that might hinder your performance in the new desired sector. We assist you with the detailed study of your weaknesses so that we can get rid of them in the long run.

3.SEO and marketing research:

Our virtual assistant services cover wide range of SEO and internet marketing services .

Our expert team can help you with following SEO and marketing services

  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Blog commenting
  • On page and off page optimization
  • Online competition research


4.Nutrition and health research Services:

We provide you diet plans fulfilling your need for appropriate nutrients that your body requires. We have a vast list of clientele to whom we have offered this expert service. These clients operate from different parts of the world and our experts provide them with the best and tasty healthy recipes to boost their clients health.
We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Sourcing healthy recipes
  • Providing diet plan and recipes
  • Provide exclusive health , diet and nutrition report
  • Design nutrition panel


5.Data analysis outsourcing

Our data analysis team can support you with fast and accurate data analysis and mining services .Through our virtual assistant services , We guarantee error free data analysis and data entry work to fulfill your business needs. Our expert team members provide supports to

  • Data analysis
  •  Data mining
  •  Image processing
  •  PDF conversion
  • Ecommerce data upload