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Virtual Assistant industry analysis

We have talked a lot about virtual assistant industry, best virtual Assistant companies, Online Business, online media marketing etc. I think it’s time to talk about how a small business owner selects virtual assistant companies for delegating his/her some/all outsourcing tasks or ongoing basic business processes. Many people often asked me how to choose a virtual assistant company. So, today I decide to talk about how to choose the best virtual assistant company. I divide the suggestion/process in four steps, as follow:

Step 1: Identify and select the type of Company you need:

Virtual Assistant based company can be classified based on the types of jobs they provide to their clients. So the first thing you need to do is determine what type of VA suitable for your business

Some review can help you to do this part. You may able to see here what the best virtual assistant companies are offering , about their recent and past projects, their clients’ reviews and many more. There are lots of virtual assistant platforms/forums those come with these kind of features and information. You can also find freelance websites such as Elance and Odesk where you will able to see how much dollar they have earned. That will help you to understand their experience and demand. Some virtual assistant companies showcase their clients’ ratings on their profile page with a links to freelance platforms where they get registered . That is much effective and authentic to verify their credentials .

The most important part of step 1 is to identify the Virtual Assistant (VA) grades. Here are some examples with classification:According to Job Type:-

INDIVIDUAL-GRADE VA : These kinds of VAs do the basic jobs, like answering emails, planning of travel schedule etc. Basically they are very traditional.

BUSINESS-GRADE: This kind of VAs performs more complex jobs like media marketing, book keeping etc. Business grade VA companies have the specialize employee for every position like Web page Development, Web Design, Word Press, Email Marketing etc.

According to Country basis:-

ONSHORE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT COMPANIES: This kind of company situated in your country, work in your time zone and talk in your language. You can find the best virtual assistant companies from US , but their fees are high . If you have limited budget and then they proved to be costly to recruit them for small or ongoing work . Then solution ? here , you need to look for offshore virtual assistant .

OFFSHORE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT COMPANIES:This types of VAs are based in abroad and of course their time zone and language are different than yous’. They are cost effective . If you are in US and looking a top virtual assistant companies in India , then Indian VA company can provide same level of services at cheaper rate .

If you looking for the best virtual assistant companies outside USA , then look into few major countries such as Indian , Philippines . You can find many top end VA firms here . But look at their credentials before selection as mentioned in following sections .

Bottom Line :

If an American small business owner choose Ennovation Consulting for a VA job then Ennovation will be the Offshore VA company, but if an Indian choose Ennovation for the same job then it will be an Onshore VA company.

Basically North Americans are used to use this word. They often choose VAs from India or Philippine. Because they are cheap from their own country VAs.

According to Commitment basis:-

TASK-BASED ASSISTANCE: If you choose a VA for a particular work for a fixed time period, he /she will be task based assistance. Basically they are cheap.

DEDICATED ASSISTANTS: If choose a full time VA, who will free help you in your any type of work, then she/he will be called as a dedicated VA.

Bottom Line- If you need to complete a small project in a short span of time, then you must go with task based assistance. But if you need someone to work who will understand you and you company, and about your business legacy and hospitality and provide supports on a regular basis, then you must go with the dedicated VA .

Step 2: Understanding the VA’s service Personalization:

I have seen it many times in my career that many VAs give their best when they working for an Entrepreneur or for a regular clients, because they want to build up relationship with them for getting some further work. And when it comes to serve a new small company or a small business, a kind of “let it go” attitude overcomes them.
So make sure that you are selecting your virtual assistant companies who can ensure 100% attention and dedication to your business needs.


Many companies offer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with their work, you will be paid back. And make sure about various clauses of term payment, turnaround time , project closure , repayment guarantee etc . Because many companies play game with their customers with the payment related timeline. You can choose a company who offers you 15-30 days, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Final Step:

After completing the 1st to 3rd step, I hope you can develop a shortlist the best virtual assistant companies of your choice. Now talk with everyone from this list and verify the followed things:
• Their process of getting started.
• Do they offer hour Tracker?
• Communication Skills and the importance of language of your project. Do they match each other?
• Can they provide assistant in your time zone?
• Can you choose your assistant from the list of assistants provided by them?
• Do they provide a back up VA If their VA get sick or go on vacation suddenly?

Thank you friends. This is all from my side about how to select the best Virtual Assistant Company for your business needs. Hope this will help you to choose your virtual assistant companies .

Kindly let me know your ideas and views .

Author : Tanusree Roy , an expert in Health and Nutrition niche . She has extensive experience in diet plan, nutrition advisory roles in various USA based nutrition and recipe based projects . She has also 6 years experience in Virtual assistant industry . She regularly publishes healthy recipes and tips on her blog : Healthy recipes blog , FaceBook

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