Virtual Assistance

Ennovation, with its 14 years industry support experience, provides virtual assistant supports to organizations across different countries. We provide support for general administrative tasks, data management, internet research, lead generation support, emailing, website and blog maintenance, social media supports and many more daily tasks .

As a business owner, you need to perform various tasks to run your business smoothly . But you may be losing your valuable time or missing mission critical functions while managing many less important business tasks.

With our expert virtual assistant services, you can simply offload your mundane and repetitive tasks. With our expertise and industry knowledge, our team members can perform the task more efficiently. We always ensure top quality services within your budget and time frame. So you can save cost and time by hiring a virtual assistant.

Our services include

  • Online Research – We have witnessed how rapidly the online business has grown. We can be assured that online prevalent business has not even reached 10% of its true potential. We have a huge untapped segment that can be discovered with our online assistance. Researching online is difficult because there is a lack of trust when dealing online. We have various online marketing research tools to help you define and grow your business on the internet.
  • Lead generation
  • Resume Search and Job Submissions – We have exclusive experience in job research , managing clients profiles and job application on reputed job boards in USA , UK and other countries .
  • Managing Social Networks like Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Executive Support
  •  Website updates
  •  Blog Posting and Submission
  •  Website updates
  • Office Management Support
  • HR Support

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