Online jobs tips from India’s best Virtual Assistant


Online jobs tips from India’s best Virtual Assistant 

There are many kinds of online jobs. If we can work online from home or your preferred location, this will be one of the highest job satisfactions for managing your work life balance or securing some earning while in career move. But, many people afraid of working online due to some scam problem or some payments related issues or they simply don’t know where to start from. But now a day with the advent of strong online protocols and freelance job platforms, you can minimize these risks. I will surely talk about the advantages and disadvantages of online work.

As an experienced virtual assistant in India, we share some tips and industry information so that you can sell your expertise online.

1. Online Job Categories:

We can classify online jobs in two major categories. First one is doing work on your computer or phone/tablet (Skype) with the help of internet; other one is telecommuting jobs. There are many types of online jobs, and I am giving you some description of few important jobs can be done by virtual assistant (online professional)  using online mode.

In the online work mode, we will be working as a virtual assistant to perform various admin duties online using internet. Many companies need online worker/professional for the performing jobs.

Accounting: To work as an online accountant for small business, you need to have experience and knowledge of book keeping. If you are a well sounded accountant, then there are many works for you in this industry. Important package is “QuickBooks”. Many small business owners use Virtual assistant for QuickBooks jobs.

Data Entry: You need good typing skills for working in this field. And every little experience will help to work here.

Customer Service: Many BPO companies need marketing executives.  Some firms ask for experienced candidate and some don’t. But I think you need some tele-calling experience to work in this field.

Writing: There is a big opportunity in writing services. You can help your clients to publish online books, articles etc. You may be hired by many online start ups or bloggers as many companies or person choose   virtual assistant writers who’ll write on behalf of the company or person. You need a solid English writing skill and experience.

I have found many Virtual assistants get hired by online business owners, blogger, business coaches. There is a huge demand for this. If you are a native writer, there is a big market for you to get hired by top professionals and companies from US, UK and Australia.

Teaching: Online teaching is also a good profession to take about. For any subject starting from guitar to educational, you can take several of online class. But remember you need at least a bachelor degree on it.

Translation and Languages: For getting translation job, you need some previous experience or a college degree. And you may get proficiency test for language.

Survey Jobs: Many companies want to know customers’ views and feedback about their product(s). For this, they need a survey company or a survey executive. You just need social media accounts to do this. Ask your friends about the product and make friends to ask them about the product.   Then give your client a perfect data base with conclusion about what people think about the product or the service.

Website Tester: Website designer may pay you to help them to understand   how a visitor will feel after visiting their website. Is it confusing or not. Is it good looking, attractive or not.

Forum Posting: By doing forum posting you may earn money.

Social Media Posting: By dong some post on twitter or Facebook or G+ for the company, you may get paid.

Virtual Assistant: This is the important and booming industry in online market. And you need some real experience to work as a Virtual assistant. And every category that I’ve discussed above, come under VA jobs.   From web designer to java script writer any one can call himself as a VA. To know more about Virtual assistant industry , please visit our blog .

2.How to Start online jobs or Virtual assistant business :

I don’t want to discourage you but it is really difficult to get online jobs initially as  the competition is very high on online space. And many freelancers are working here for long time than you.   if you have decided to go with this career then I can try  to show the path. First thing you need to do to analyze what kind of online jobs suitable  you. Once you have the answer, go with the job title as a key word on Google search. And don’t forget to put “jobs from home” after the key words. For example if you want to do data entry job your key word should like “Data Entry Jobs from Home”. For how to get a virtual assistant jobs, I’ve a suggestion for you. Visit our latest  blog post about virtual assistant jobs .

Many freelancer websites like ODesk or Elance will also help you to find an online job.

3. Advantages:

  1. You will get some more time to spend with your family or friends or for your hobby.
  2. Handy jobs for physically handicapped people.
  3. Women, especially mothers can do this kind of job with no trouble or less trouble.
  4. You may save your travel expenses.
  5. It can act as a stop gap arrangement till you find your next full time job

4. Disadvantage (Online Job Scam):

Many people are afraid of  doing  Online Jobs . Basically there are two reasons behind that.

  1. Many company may say you that they find your resume from or Naukri or  and they are really interested to take you as an employee. And then they will ask you to submit your CV again along with your personal Data like, Driving License Xerox, Voter Card Xerox, Pan Card Xerox, Signature, Photos, Birth day etc. And yes! After getting that, they are very close to hack your bank account.
  2. Many Companies will ask you for security money before you get the job. After you give them money, you may probably never be able to see them.
  3. So many companies will give you the job, and after submitting them the project reports , you may can’t get them on their address, or Phone Numbers,  Email Ids.
  4. Some Company will not pay you or will pay you half of the money that they  have found some   marginal  error in your report .

5. Make Sure: Many companies, who hire online employee they have a column that’s called payment proof. Make sure that the companies with whom you are working or you want to work, they have that.

6. Important Facts:  So what should you do ?

I suggest the following facts and tips to select best virtual assistant companies as they outsource their work to other individual virtual assistants

a. Select top virtual assistant companies from India (select 10 Virtual assistant companies, if you are from India )

b. Send them you resume

c. Alternatively join other online work platforms such as Elance , Guru , ODesk

d. Use Social media especially LinkedIn for reaching small business owners from developed nations.

I believe you need 1-2 month solid research and emailing to get your first online virtual assistant job .

About Author – Abir Kumar Das – Abir is a research analyst at Ennovation . He have over 3 years experience in Virtual assistant industry .

Note : we are looking for competent virtual assistants from India . If you have strong analytical and research skills , you can send your CV to emails in career page .

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