Is it necessary to appoint a Social Media Virtual Assistant for your Organization?

Role of Social Media Virtual Assistant for managing online brand :


This article shares the facts how a Social Media Virtual Assistant can assist business owners for marketing products online especially on Social medias.

Many people starting from cinema stars to high ranked government officials and common business personalities capitalize social networking websites for advertising their brands in order to keep their clients well aware of their latest products and service offerings.

Most of these people accept social network marketing or social media marketing as the “next huge thing” and powerful instrument for sharing information.

According to latest survey, more than 90 percent of entrepreneurs and marketers claimed that social media marketing had been so vital factor for their business, that it helped them to earn more than 80 percent visitors to their business websites in the past year.

And in this year 2015, more than 96 percent of marketers are at present taking part actively in social media marketing.

So there is no doubt about the fact that Social media marketing has really come up as an integral  and vital part for any type of business be it small or large in size. One needs to be completely dedicated and devoted to this work besides maintaining other regular activities for running the particular business.

This is the ideal situation for any qualified Social Media Virtual Assistant to step in to take over the vital role and help greatly for the business growth by increasing Brand Recognition and Reputation.

A Social Media Virtual Assistant can help any organization in the following ways:

1. A Social Media Virtual Assistant saves vital time and resources of business owner from getting wasted:

Once someone starts Social media marketing service, the business owner does not have to bother for keeping dedicated employee to manage non-core activities, which will eventually reduce the need for office area and other related infrastructures. And this will result in abolishing unnecessary managerial challenges and offer the business owner the true benefit of cut off cost overhears by adding additional amount of savings to organization. The most important fact is that a social media virtual assistant gives the expected output to any business owner in almost half of the cost.

2. A Social Media Virtual Assistant helps to improve the brand loyalty of the business.

The brands engaged in social networking channels enjoy better loyalty from their clients according to a latest report published by a reputed Technical University. Another latest market research study revealed that 50 to 53 percent of American people following company brands in social networking websites are always brand loyal.

Social networks of a particular company are quite new mediums or channels for the brand’s content & voice. Besides making the company band recognizable and more familiar to existing clients, it helps the brand more acceptable and accessible to new clients. It is the schedule duty of the social media virtual assistant to maintain company’s all the social media network profiles regularly and make the audience well aware of the products and services on regular basis so that frequent Face book or twitter users may come across the company name for very first time and clients already aware of the brand might get more aware of it after finding its presence on multiple social networking websites.

3. A Social Media Virtual Assistant gives business owner a great chance to convert

Every post that a social media virtual assistant makes on a social networking media platform creates a great chance for audience to be converted into customers for that company. When he/she builds following/follower in Twitter, the company Twitter profile page simultaneously gets access recent clients and existing clients, and the responsible social media virtual assistant is able to communicate with all of them instantly also.

Every post, video or image he/she shares, creates a great chance for some audience to react instantly, and every reaction may lead them to visit company website, and might results in a sale of product or service.

The number of chances of conversion a social media virtual assistant can get on social media is quite significant even if the CTR or (click-through rates) are very poor.


An experienced and qualified Social Media Virtual Assistant creates an atmosphere in social media network channels where the company brand acts like common people do, and this is very important thing since clients are more interested in doing business with other people; not with organizations.

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