How to generate Leads for your Small Business ?


Generating leads forms one of the most crucial parts of business. Capturing ample number of quality lead can be difficult, because of the short attention span that customers have in the current market settings. Small businesses have to be even more careful in this aspect. There are many ways to go about with lead generation.
Using Social Media
Social media isn’t a passing phase, and there are too many examples which stand testament to the efficacy of social media. The big three– Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are valuable tools for lead generation. These are the places where people are actually able to interact with the company. That wasn’t possible in the earlier setting. Social media branding tools are an excellent way to increase your visibility and let you generate prospective leads. Tools, which notify you upon the mention of your brand in tweets or status updates, can be leveraged to gather business lead. Moreover, there’s so much information available about prospects on the social networks, that you can use these to nurture a trusting relationship with customers.
Optimizing your business Blog
While blogging was an optional medium of advertisement a few years ago, times have changed. Even if most businesses have blogs, they use it only to direct traffics from Search engines. Yes, SEO is important, but blogs should also be optimized for lead generation. Adding Call to Action banners with increased visibility is a great way to generate a business lead. Be clear with your CTAs. Many readers find interesting info on the blogs, but don’t know how to avail offers or services. Hence, place what to do very clearly in your blog, so that no prospective customer gets bored of sending queries or searching what to do.











Outsourcing lead generation services
It might seem outsourcing lead generation services won’t be profitable for a small business. However, using outsourced lead generation services amount to a more efficient client profiling and a more holistic approach. In-house experts are essential, but nothing beats a group of people who specialize in lead generation and have had long experience. Outsourced services would probably cost a little more, but will cover more channels. Having a dedicated team looking for business lead will accelerate the lead response cycle, and increase the number of successful deals. In the long run, the profit from increased lead conversion will eclipse the extra cost put into outsourcing lead generation.
Using ERP of Lead generation
An alternative to outsourcing lead generation is to use Enterprise Resource Planning packages to generate leads. It is sometimes impossible to manually coordinate all the steps which are involved in responding to business leads. An integrated ERP increases the efficiency in managing leads ultimately contributing positively to lead generation.

Generating competent leads for your business is essential for growth. There are various ways to materialize this, but all revolve around understanding the importance of interaction between a business and its customers. Different types of businesses would have different needs, and a few experiments wouldn’t be too harmful. Experiment and leverage leads before it’s too late.

About Author :
Gobinda Roy is the Founder of Ennovation Consulting and has been involved in online research, Industry research and sales consulting for over 14 years. He is alumnus of India’s premier Institute IIT Kharagpur and has over 12 years of corporate experience. . He has worked with multiple businesses across many verticals, creating and implementing online and marketing research strategies for companies in the US , Australia , UK and across Europe. He is co-founder of Lakshay Foundation and mentor at India’s top Business School CIIE, IIM Ahmadabad.