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Sometimes the current generation is mocked for being health conscious. The ex-generation calls it being over-conscious. While this might well be the case, there are a lot of people who like to invest in healthy food. While there are many places where you can eat ‘healthy’ food, when it comes to the daily cooking, it sometimes becomes hard to find healthy recipes.Unlike the common impression, working on healthy recipes need not be time consuming and difficult.
You don’t need a DVD collection on cooking recipes, neither shall you need exotic food items, for working on healthy recipes. All that’s generally needed is improved modes of preparation, healthy modes of cooking and a balanced choice of daily diet. Yes, a little bit of organization and pre-planning are required, but that’s nothing compared to benefits that one can reap from these.
Plan the week
Spend some time planning what to cook in the week. It is important to have a plan, because in hectic days, one generally ends up cooking haphazardly and preferring those food items which are not healthy. Moreover, planning also lets you chart nutrition (if you are extremely health conscious) and cycle the healthy recipes you have.
The Right Appliances
No matter how healthy a food item is, it loses its nutrition if not cooked with the right appliances. Having appliances like microwaves and slow cookers help retaining the nutrition. So, in part, anything you cook becomes healthy. Moreover, these appliances are mostly automated and hence save a lot of time. In this time you can prepare your healthy recipes better. There are a variety of healthy recipes available specifically for microwaves.
Get the Household involved
While it’s one thing to be on a healthy diet, it’s totally another to keep the whole household on a healthy diet. There would always be days when someone will complain of having a craving for ‘dangerous’ food items like pizza or an ice-cream. Healthy recipes need not be tasteless. In a way, the art of preparing healthy recipes lies in making food tasty while keeping it healthy. That’s why, even if the methodology is healthy, the choice of everyone in the family should be taken care of.
Taking care of side dishes
Most of the junk food in the market, are basically side-dishes. So, even if you are preparing healthy recipes, remember to include healthy side dishes to ensure that food is complete both in taste and quantity.
Cooking Fresh
There would be few who have time to cook daily. It’s a fact. But, food loses freshness and hence quality if stored and reheated again and again. Although you can’t cook all the time, try to find time to cook at least every alternate day. Doing so keeps your healthy recipes really healthy.








Healthy recipes

It is often said that cooking is an art. Surely you can find loads of specific information regarding healthy food, but what is probably very important is to understand the actual touch points of healthy recipes.

Author : Tanusree Roy , an expert in Health and Nutrition niche . She has extensive experience in diet plan, nutrition advisory roles in various USA based nutrition and recipe based projects . She regularly publishes healthy recipes and tips on her blog : Healthy recipes blog