How to get Virtual Assistant jobs?

The very basic nature of virtual assistant jobs is to perform online tasks such as online data management, provide secretarial and clerical support, as well as perform the technical and creative tusks for remote clients.

A typical Virtual Assistant has the experience to work in different business setting, as a managing assistant, or secretary or any kind of similar positions.

Why virtual assistant jobs become important?


Ten years ago there is no job position called a virtual Assistant. But, now a day’s many companies can’t think of their business growth without a Virtual Assistant. They need a virtual Assistant for administration, Schedule Maintenance, Bookkeeping, event planning, Meeting Planning, Lead generating, even sometime they hire Virtual Assistant for creating suppliers contact on Alibaba  or being good sounded in Social Media Sites. Simply if someone want his/her  company as a global venture or they need to have a good search engine result they can’t deny the value of a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant jobs become a great support services for online entrepreneurs and small business owners to manage businesses at lower  cost.


Nature of virtual assistant jobs

As per, virtual assistant is a offshore administrative professional. She/he is highly skilled professional providing admin, technical and other creative supports services to clients over the internet .

(*Source: Virtual Assistant Definition,  The Market Leader for Virtual Assistants Worldwide )

There are many sectors and domains where you can grab virtual assistant jobs with various terms like full time or half time. Even one can choose his own timing; you can also work from home.

Basically a company hire virtual assistant to distribute their preliminary work load so that their CEO and the corporation heads can concentrate on the major core business activities. You don’t need to have a super specialization degree in any fields, but you must be flexible and have experience to work in different fields.

Major types of Virtual assistant jobs :


Here is a list of duties that a virtual Assistant basically does:

1.Online Research: This is very lucrative segments; lots of jobs are posted in Virtual assistant forum for online research.

2. Data Entry: I feel, this is a starting point for your virtual assistant career, if you don’t have any niche skills. This requires Basic English knowledge, Internet and computer skills.

Major virtual assistant jobs in India are data entry by nature. It comes with Low hourly rate, but huge volumes.  You find many Virtual assistant companies from India, Philippines and other lost cost companies performing these tacks. They have competitive advantage of low cost and high quality output.

3. Writing Articles: If you are native speaker, then you can start the this type of virtual assistant job right away. Go to any reputed freelance platforms, develop few best samples and bid there with your suitable pricing plan (don’t bid high initially, try to give quality at competitive rate).

4. SEO work: This is most important job highest in demand for virtual assistant. Most of the virtual assistant jobs posted in this category . This job covers:

  • Video and Article Submission
  • SEO Based content writing
  • Link building
  • Page optimization
  • Keywords research
  • Forum posting and many more

5. Administrative and secretarial work

  • Composing letters
  • File compilation
  • Graphic designer
  • Data base maintenance
  • Email Marketing
  • Updating software
  • Booking tickets and scheduling events

6. Other popular virtual assistant jobs:

  • Managing CRM
  • Transcriptionist
  • Web Development
  • Marketing supports ( ATL and BTL )
    Customer Service
  • Telesales

7. But , here I mentioned some high paid virtual assistant jobs .

  • Market Research
  • Market analysis and competition research
  • Google Analytics

If you have business and technology background , then you can easily start you bill at $20/hr ( from India ) and $30-40/Hr ( from Developed nations ) .

Tips For clients: How to identify best talent for virtual assistant jobs?


A virtual assistant can do work from home. And it is the most legalized job that you can do from home. Virtual Assistant is the fastest growing industry in this era. And if you had ever heard about or oDesk then I am pretty sure that you know what virtual assistant is.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is as same as like hiring an employee. But the difference is VA will work from any location readily accessible over internet . oDesk is a big platform for a VA. Companies could find Accountant, Administrator or IT specialist via this kind of websites. They are very cheap and full of talent. Meanwhile a Virtual Assistant doesn’t have to her office to do the job. She can only do this with a computer. It is both money and time saving for both clients and VA.

VA is now a global trend as the companies are taking their VA staffs from the various part of the world. Obviously it is bad news for their local people.  But this is huge time and money saving for online entrepreneurs and start ups.

Here are few tips to select Virtual assistant company or individual:

1. If you hire from Freelance website such as Elance and ODesk – you must check there feedback and work history.

For a easy VA jobs posted on Elance , you may get 100 bids . How filter machine reply ( as many VA just do cut and paste proposal ) and simple put the lowest amount got selection .

My strategy: I have used over 20 vendors for various Virtual assistant jobs on Elance . I used keyword in the project JD and asked VA to mention that in their proposal . Finally you can identify canned reply /proposal . This is huge time saving for clients

2. Look for samples: Ask you VS to share some working samples (non NDA ) , check how are they in their fields .Most clients use samples to evaluate virtual assistant.

3. Start with a small project: IF you have a big project to award , you can select a VA for a single milestone and assess their work quality and post project delivery supports . If you satisfy with first mile stone update , you can go for next mile stones .

Our example: We have done a project for only small mile stone $25 , and ensured our best service and quality . Same client came back after 6 month , we did business over $15000 for last 1.5 years .

So based on overall work quality and support , you can assign a bigger role for your VA .

4. Handling some tricky projects: Some market research and business analysis projects are trick .These need lots of qualitative and quantitative analyses. Then how to get impartial views? Many clients select 2-3 virtual assistant and then judge their reports based on same project JD. This helps you to indentify best talent for your virtual assistant jobs.

Case Example: Marketing strategy of “Mobile learning apps for developing nations “Client selected 2 VA with 5 hours each. Based on the first milestone reviews, he selected vendor 1 for next 20 hours of work.

5. Forum and Referral network: If like to select best virtual assistant for your niche or regular jobs, you can look into any popular virtual assistant forums. There is a dedicated section in every forum where you can post your job.

virtual assistant fourm


Example: There is delicate link to hire a virtual assistant :

Hire Virtual Assistant

( Example of Job posting in Virtual assistant forum )

Virtual assistant jobs trends:


We have used Google trends to see the trends for Virtual assistant jobs and its good news to have very positive uptrend. We can assume  a good number of jobs would be posted on various freelance websites and niche forums .

virtual assistant jobs tredns

Top regions for Virtual assistant jobs :
Top regions for virtual assistant jobs


virtual assistant jobs tredns 1

Major clients are from: US, UK, Australia, and Canada

Major Virtual assistant individuals / companies are from: Philippines, India , US , Australia

We have also found major virtual assistant forums are from UK, Australia, and Canada.
Top cities for virtual assistant jobs

(Source: Google Trend, June 25, 2014)

Where to find virtual assistant jobs:


Now you are clear about job trend as well as the expectations of clients from VA. Now we are looking for some resources where we can virtual assistant jobs.

1. Jobs from Freelance website : 4P , here 4 big freelance website

a. Elance

b. Odesk

c. Freelances

d. Guru

I bet on first 2 as those are very reputed websites.

Best Job boards for virtual assistant jobs :


a. – Virtual Assistant Jobs

b. Simply Hired – Virtual Assistant Jobs

b. Virtual Assistant Jobs on

c. Virtual Assistant Jobs | LinkedIn

d. Virtual Administrative Assistant Jobs –

These are all reputed job boards; you can keep a watch on these boards for various virtual assistant job postings.


Tips for Virtual assistant for getting jobs:


A VA need to be concerned about his/her project dead line. And if he does the job in time with quality, then it is likely that he/she would be offered more projects soon from same clients and referral network. Of course, efficiency is a matter , but once you get experienced you can increase your rate till a fair range.

8 Skills you’ll Need for Getting Virtual Assistant Jobs

They are around 7 skills you need to know to be a good Virtual Assistant:

  1. Data Entry: One of the most important and necessary tusks you need to know in this industry. It has a various types like Database creating, Maintaining or editing, or form fill up etc.
  2. Publishing in Desktop: It  is needed for creating books,  business cards, calendars, postcards, brochures, envelops, letterheads,  menus, newsletters, logos, magazines, price lists and even websites. MS Word and MS Publisher are needed   to complete these tusks. It’s better to know few multimedia software essential for virtual assistant jobs in Desktop publishing such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc.
  3. Communication and writing Skills: You need a good communication and writing skill.
  4. Typing: You need a typing speed of around 60 words per minute.
  5. Content Writing: You need a good writing skill also as per client requirement. Because a VA deal with a various types of projects.
  6. Organized: Of course you need to be organized because sometime you may do several types of project for different clients.
  7. Computer: Yes, you have to be well sounded in basic computer operating systems. Because without a computer a virtual assistant is nothing.
  8. Virtual assistant tools : You need to master few virtual assistant tools such as Skype , Base camp , Mailchimp , DropBox , Google Analytics and Adwards  etc .




This article covers different aspects of virtual assistant jobs. We have shared our tips for prospective clients for selecting virtual assistant for various business tasks. At the same time, we have stared tips how to get virtual assistant jobs .  A virtual assistant should be honest and dedicated to ensure best support and services for every project. This helps a VA in long run to becomes a successful  virtual assistant cum online entrepreneurs .

Please let me know your view about the posts . Your every comment will enrich this post with constructive views . Thanks you !

Good luck to your successful virtual assistant career!

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