Virtual Assistant FAQ:

What is virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a remote virtual office assistant who can provide administrative, professional and technical services to clients over the Internet. Virtual assistance can be a independent contactor or an agency.  A VA teams can range of services using Internet such as writing, blog posting, emailing, SEO work, website development and maintenance, basic and advanced internet research, online marketing research, book keeping and many more …

VA is a independent contractor or small agency from same or different countries, so clients need not have to manage employee taxes, insurance or any other benefits . Moreover , clients can hire virtual assistant based on their needs .

What types of Virtual assistant tasks can your team performs?

We have over 15 years of industry experience and 6 years of virtual assistant experience and catered 500 + clients. Our virtual team members can perform various technical and administrative tasks – Basic and advanced internet research, health research, market research, data entry work, website development and maintenance, email marketing and social media management .

Where is your location?

We are located in Kolkata, India . This is our only delivery center.

What is the advantage of working with Ennovation?

We understand your requirement first, and then take the project. So initial due diligence is free for your project.

We provide the highest level of customer supports and client engagements services . We ensure you get our best attention and product quality all the time so that we can develop a long term business relationship.

Our qualified team takes your case one to one basis and provides customized solution

How long does your team take to start the service ?

After registration, our team take 2-3 working days to plan and start the service .

Do you offer cost effective service package?

Yes, we are offering cost effective service suiting your needs. Our rates are 20% cheaper than other players in our industry and at the same time, we can ensure 110 % quality commitments for all the services.