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Data has now become very important for any business. While companies spend a substantial amount of money in collecting data across various media, it becomes imperative that there is also enough investment in entering and retrieving the data. The problem becomes noticeable when the volume of data increases. Along with this there are the tasks of processing data for particular information. As the demand increases, there is a need for professional help. With so many projects being outsourced, outsourcing data entry is also becoming a frequent solution.
While it’s one thing to keep on-premise storage servers, processing data is totally a different kettle of fish. However, there are some salient point for which you should consider outsourcing data entry services.








Data-Entry Virtual Assistant
Time Management
Data entry takes an awful lot of time. On the face of it, data entry isn’t a big deal, but the actual deed is tough when one considers tedium and demand for accuracy in the task. If you are handling bulk projects, then it would be a mistake to spend too much time in data entry. Outsourcing data entry would let you manage time better and spend your workforce in core tasks.
Lower costs
Like all outsourcing services, outsourcing data entry lowers costs. Initial investments might be high, but in the long run it becomes cheaper. Once you outsource data entry tasks, you don’t have to spend in buying infrastructure or dedicate your employees. All these would lower costs.
Efficiently Managing Information
A data entry BPO, with years of expertise in the field can bring valuable input to your business. The usual problems of data overload or data mismanagement are generally eliminated once you have hired a professional data entry firm. Having a large customer base would mean loads of data would land on the servers. Subsequently there is the need to process the data faster. With a trained manpower, a data entry firm is far better equipped than an on-premise setting.
Increased Quality of data management
Data entry firms usually have better infrastructure like scanners, file conversions software etc. which ensures that the data entry is of highest standards. Especially for projects which need high accuracy, relying on a data entry firm is way better than trying to engage your own staff.
Data Security
One of the major concerns when outsourcing an activity, is confidentiality and security. When it comes to data entry, there is an increased need for security. Almost every firm which engages in data entry services has stringent rules when it comes data privacy and security. In many ways, outsourcing data entry is safer than developing in-house services– The employees which work in data entry are scanned with care by the BPO firms.
Choosing the Right market for outsourcing
Choosing the right market for outsourcing should also be taken into care, because it can impact the ultimate costs. Some markets, like India offer far cheaper solutions than those over the world. Outsourcing data entry to Indian market would substantially lower costs, while ensuring quality.


Outsourcing data entry is a great solution simply because, it is not the core activity of almost any business.

Author : Tanusree Roy , Co –founder of Ennovation Consulting . She is an expert in Health and Nutrition niche. She has also extensive experience in Business Research, Industry research, virtual assistance support services. She along with her team has successfully managed over 100 administrative projects.

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