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Work with the best, to be the best. We follow this simple statement in our everyday lives. Our founders belong to the best B-Schools in India and are qualified to understand that education has no substitute. Market experience of people who work with us vast with a great track record. We also believe in hand picking talented students from premier teaching institutes in India offering them the best in class salary and a healthy working environment.

With our ever growing organization, we offer our employees to grow with the organization, nurturing them to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our selection criteria are based on merit, integrity, common sense and a mix of survival and fighting instinct. We believe that fresh blood can really help an organization propel forward to great lengths. We take care of employees and support them in everyday chores. Training, briefing and brainstorming sessions are a must to succeed in an environment that we are working in today. We offer a challenging and a robust growing system with a promise of recurrent learning in our organization.

Our present job Opening

We are keen on getting your applications as positions are available for Market research analyst, personal assistant, business system analysts and freshers are also welcome to apply. Analyst and market research jobs are known as the most interesting yet taxing jobs in the industry.

Any candidate deciding to appear for an interview should have a competitive and a winning mindset. The interview conducted would not be a cake walk but be rest assured that it would be one of the most compelling experience of your life. We are looking forward to meet people that want to make a difference to their lives and the organization that they work for. We want enthusiastic, go getters and people with a never give up attitude.

So, we welcome your application at Ennovation Consulting as we are always expanding your team of experts. Apply and know if you fit in. We guarantee a perception altering, life changing and skill developing environment in our organization. We also have various benefits for performer as we hand you the tools for your success.

We do not differentiate between our employees and believe that people working for us today would head our business in different parts of this country and even the world tomorrow. “We can” and we will make a difference to your lives, we expect the same attitude from our employees. So if you think you fit in, we would encourage you to drop in your resumes at or