Why can’t you miss the top 10 Virtual Assistant Forums?


 Virtual assistant forums – why are those  important to a virtual assistant ?


If you are a virtual assistant or running a virtual assistant company, you should use virtual assistant forums to get connected with your industry experts and promote your brand and products in your community.

What is a Virtual Assistant Forum?

A Virtual Assistant Forum is a kind of Forum that consists of many VAs from different countries. You can meet industry experts and top notch VAs on these forums.

If you like to expand your business besides Elance and Odesk, then these are reputed places for networking.
We have been working on Elance for last 4 years and completed hundreds of projects. Later we thought how could we develop clients’ base outside Freelance Space? When you like to grow besides your rudimentary freelance bidding system, virtual assistant forum is one of the best resources to promote your brand in this virtual assistant Industry.

Importance of Virtual Assistant Forums: What they can offer?

Virtual assistant  forums offer  many resources to VA such as:

1. A forum Provides exclusive access to jobs posted on VA forum (mainly for premium members)
2. As a client, you can hire a VA assistant from here.
3. A learner gets to know too many things from here.
4. Many Virtual assistant forums provide training, webinar series, free eBooks etc.
5. SEO advantage: Many websites are high PR ( page rank ) websites, and they encourage you to enlist your website as a premium member (against some monthly fees) and add your website link to their directory . You can register your website here with a link back to your website. This may improve your DA and PR in long run.

VA Forum subscription










But I suggest you to just get free registration and build your presence and brand . Then you can go for subscription.

6. Provide funding: Few VA forums provide funding support or raising fund for creative ideas from VA community members

7. Provide lobbying supports to VAs. (Example: AVAA , Australia )

Top Ten Virtual Assistant Forums:

Let us explore few important forums for marketing your virtual assistant business.

1. Virtual Assistant Forum: It’s a very well known forum with many responses and posts .

Criteria: Open to all VAs across the countries

We have found many active users on this forum. We have been using this forum for last 1-2 years. It provides lots of products for its members seeking for VA classes, Marketing news, VA information and many more.

You can get list of popular eBook series from there store

Provide exclusive directory of Virtual assistant

2. VAnetworking.com: I have found this is the most resourceful forum . They offer both free and paid membership services. There have many resources like Client resources, VA resources. One can also post a job here.










Criteria: Open to all VAs across the countries

The most important features I like to mention here are :

1. Exclusive resource/content about industry, tips, eBook section
2. They are providing free Virtual assistant training webinars
3. They have large 20,000+ Members network
4. Very good traffic on this website: As per the website reference , they have very good traffic


So it’s better to build a visible presence on this forum. We have just joined this forum and looking for long term association with the experts from this industry .

3. Society of Virtual Assistant: This is a UK based forum (community), and created to support VA industry in UK.

Member size: 1,300 members

Membership is free for all virtual assistants in UK. They support VA community with training, free guidance and best practice information to set up your virtual assistant business.
This is a niche virtual assistant forums where you can hire UK based VAs.

4. WAHM.com: This is named after Work for Home Mom . This is one of the largest and popular forums for freelancers’ esp. moms working from home .

This is a good forum for them, whom want to work from home. To register here there are 3 categories like registered WAHM, Super WAHM and WAHM professional.

There is a dedicated forum section for Virtual assistant:

We are also active in this post and you can find many expert virtual assistants here supporting new comers.

5. Indeed – Virtual Assistant Jobs Forum
: This forum is very good for them, whom are seeking for VA jobs. You can find job from here, with options like what (job title, keywords or company) and location (city, state, or zip).

6. A Clayton’s Secretary-Virtual Assistants International Group (Yahoo Group): This is a Australian based VA networking website. This networking group was established in 1995, and came online in 2000. This website provides a huge range of categories like Hire a VA; Find a job, VA directory, Blog etc. You can also subscribe for their Newsletter, and mailing list.
Membership: They have members from 11 eleven countries

7. The work at Home Woman: This website is named by Forbes in 2012. And with in 1 year it becomes one of top website for your virtual assistant career. This forum prefers women and this feature makes it special. It gives chance to women to balance their home and career. It also contains some good Virtual Assistant Resources.

8. African Virtual Assistants Network (African VA) : This dedicated forum helps to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among stay at home women . This fours helps mom entrepreneurs to become a successful VA.

They support virtual assistant community with
• Virtual assistant training
• Building community and networking
• Extend grand and funding supports

9. AVAA (Australian Virtual Assistants Association) : This is a nonprofit organization , providing supports to Virtual assistant industry in Australia since 1996 . This is excellent platform for Australian VA to build network.
Criteria: This is only open to Australian VA.








Supports: They provide:
• Continues education support
• Dedicated networking support ( both online and offline )
• Helps VA for Govt. Lobbying , funding , creating awareness

10. The Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection (CVAC): This has been created to support and mentor virtual assistants in Canada.
They have noble mandate: To promote Canadian Virtual assistant industry to global clients.
Criteria: This is only open to Canadian VA.
Supports: They provide :
• they provide venue for VAs to network
• Share knowledge among VA members
• Create events to promote Virtual assistant industry in Canada


We have found many virtual assistant forums supporting Global VA community. These are excellent places you can get to know industry leaders and Top VAs . Most of the forum provide training, education resources, networking events. I suggest you to register top 2-3 websites.

I have found few forums are only open to local VAs. VAs from those countries can join both these local forums to build local branding.

When I started this virtual assistant business in India, I was only concentrated on Freelance sites and few general forums for business development. But for last 1-2 years, we become active on many on these forums to get engaged with this beautiful community. As a virtual assistant company from India , we are really enjoying our presence and participation on Virtual Assistant Forum and VAnetworking.com .
Let me know what you feel about the top virtual assistant  forums for networking?

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About Author :
Gobinda Roy is the Founder of Ennovation Consulting and has been involved in online research, Industry research and sales consulting for over 14 years. He is alumnus of India’s premier Institute IIT Kharagpur and has over 12 years of corporate experience. . He has worked with multiple businesses across many verticals, creating and implementing online and marketing research strategies for companies in the US , Australia , UK and across Europe. He is co-founder of Lakshay Foundation and mentor at India’s top Business School CIIE, IIM Ahmadabad. You can Contact Gobinda at : Facebook , LinkedIn


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  • Hi,This is pretty interesting. I didn’t realize that IM assistant forums existed.I have found that sourcing good IM assistants through sites such as oDesk and other freelancing sites to be the best.I will definitely keep an eye out for some of these forums as an extra resource, though, so thanks.Paul

  • Thank you for providing this list. This is very helpful as it provides a lot of information about virtual assistants and virtual assistance. I want to add Twitter to you list though as lots of VA are also using that platform to get information. Great advice on promoting your services through forums.

  • Virtual Assistant forums are very useful for Virtual assistants and VA service providers. You can be well connected with the community and get very useful information on VA. Moreover this is a good platform to grow your business and connections. The virtual assistants can approach good VA service provider companies like “Abroadassistant” and get very good job. A VA forum can offer you exclusive access to jobs, you can hire a VA assistant. One can learn many things using the training, webinar, free eBooks, and so on. If you register as premium member you will get many advantages and can link your directory to the forum which can help you to get high ranking in SEO.

  • While being a Virtual Assistant is rewarding, like every other job, it does have it’s frustrations. The biggest is juggling personal time vs work time. I find that I work more hours and need to say “no” more often to clients or rather, negotiate better deadlines for projects and being realistic in the amount of time needed to complete tasks. It’s easy to say “sure, I’ll work on that this weekend” in order to keep a client happy when in most cases they’d be just as happy if I said it’d be done on Wed. and not given up weekend down time in order to complete the project.There will always be frustrations along the way but I believe there are solutions to all of them when handled correctly. The plus to being “the boss” is that you can and should set the expectations up front with your clients so the frustrations are minor and few and far between.goo.gl/1sYKcscontent_copyCopy short URL

  • Hi there! thank you so much for providing the list of top forums . It might help many of us in registering on virtual assistant forums . It is really important to get aware of importance of  virtual assistant service. Keep sharing posts like this.