How can a virtual assistant help health coaches?

Virtual assistant for healthcare

Virtual assistant for healthcare services:

A virtual assistant (VA)can help Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Wellness Professionals, Speakers, Authors, Consultants, Internet Marketers and all online Entrepreneurs!

80 Percent of U.S doctors responded to the recent survey confirmed that virtual assistant would drastically improve their efficiency and quality time with their patients. This survey shows us the virtual assistant will grow in the field of healthcare services within five years. (Source: nuance survey, 2013)

How can a virtual assistant help wellness professionals?

1. 65 percent say the top role of VA: they can send the patients accurate information or alert them to take the right direction in time.
2. 73 percent expect VA can improve the coordination between the doctors and patients.
3. 80 percent believe VA will benefit patients most by engaging them in the particular process, prompting them to attach to health advice and correcting behaviors.

Virtual assistant for healthcare

Virtual assistant for healthcare

How can a virtual assistant support health coach?

There is an increasing importance of a virtual assistant for health coaches. A VA can assist a health coach to get organized. A VA can generate a list of patients or a list of ventures for possible Joint ventures. Besides lead generation and admin work, a virtual assistant can extend other services such as marketing of services, generation of recipes, health research etc .


Ennovation has been working for the five years assisting many health coaches from various fields. They are extremely satisfied by our services.

1. Ennovation can provide a huge marketing support for health coaches
2. Ennovation can help them to provide diet plan and nutrition advice for their clients
3. Our research team can help the professionals to know their market well by an extensive market research.
4. We can assure them to take their business to their next level.

The powerful online marketing by a virtual assistant can benefit Professionals:

1. A VA can reduce the stress of the professionals and help them to have more personal time to relax.
2. A VA can help to grow the business by an extensive email marketing
3. A VA can grow the brand awareness.
4. A VA can help to perform more sell by their email and other online marketing.

How a virtual assistant can help a Health Coaches, Wellness Professionals, Life Coaches:

1. Internet Marketing Services
2. Social Media Marketing Services
3. Virtual Assistant Services
4. Copy-writing and Ghost Writing Services
5. Healthy recipes and nutritional calculation for the wellness of your clients.
6. Organic SEO – Keyword Research
7. Business Consulting and consulting for your health venture
8. Branding, Custom Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Design
9. WordPress Websites/Blogs Design and Maintenance

SO a virtual assistant for health coaches can play an important roles – starting from general admin work to nutrition plan design .Best tips to hire a virtual assistant for health coaches are as following :

1. Ask for few sample of recipes and diet plans

2. Sample nutrition panel design

3. Samples of health and nutrition research report

4. May be few hours paid trials before taking them for long term project.

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Author : Tanusree Roy , an expert in Health and Nutrition niche . She has extensive experience in diet plan, nutrition advisory roles in various USA based nutrition and recipe based projects . She regularly publishes healthy recipes and tips on her blog : Healthy recipes blog , ;FaceBook

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