How can a Virtual Assistant help in Data Analytics job

Virtual Assistance Service for Data Analytics Job

It’s a very common belief that virtual assistants are suitable for low end administrative jobs or performing rudimentary tasks.  But situation has been changed; job scope of virtual assistance service has been broadened. Now, many niche virtual assistant companies in India or abroad are providing research and analysis supports to many small business owners and market research companies.

Suppose you like to launch a set of products, but not sure what type of products can have more demand in your target segment. To develop the product intelligence, you can create a mini survey to understand consumer behavior. Lately we have done similar survey for a US based company planning to launch training solutions for healthy lifestyle living. The scope of this job could be broken into three main phases

Scope 1: Develop the research questionnaire to meet the research objective

Scope 2: Identify the target segment and conduct survey using poplar online survey platform like survey monkey

Scope 3: Analyse the data using statistical software (SYSTAT, R, SPSS, AMOS etc) and present the findings for effective decision making.

If you look at the precedence of virtual assistant services provided by most of the virtual assistant companies in India and abroad, you would find most the firms engaged in Scope 2 i.e. collecting survey responses. However, challenges still remain to small business owners about how to bring out insight by analysis the collected data. Can he still hire a virtual assistant agency or individual to perform the data analysis part (scope 3).

Data Analysis phase by Virtual assistant company 

In our last assignment, we have started out in the phase 3 i..e. conducting statistical analysis using the collected data. Data analysis could start with a) Proper coding of data for statistical analysis,  b) Selecting suitable statistical test (like Regression analysis, ANOVA, MANOVA, Multi-dimensional scaling) and finally c) Bring the insight from analysis and develop report for client in assisting him/her in decision making.

Case example: Can a virtual assistant do data analysis task?  Yes. Here I have mentioned one case example based on our previous work assignment (We respect privacy, hence removed names and altered some variables names presented in the following example):

a) Client product: Planning to launch three training products with varied training duration and pricing

b) Products varieties: 10 hours, 20 hours, and 30 hours training packs.

c) There pricing level: USD 100, USD 170 and USD 220 respectively

d) Research objective: Which training package has more demand in your target segment?

e) Data modelling:

  • Independent variables: Hours of training and price of each package
  • Dependent variable: Willing to purchase (in 1-5 Likert scale: 1=Least likely to purchase to 5=Highly likely to purchase).
  • We got the data in Excel file and sample size was 120 (respondents)

f) Statistical analysis: We conducted Factorial ANOVA

g) Findings: We found that pricing in significant in influencing purchase decision. The further statistical analysis (post-hoc analysis) also revealed that 20 hours training pact (at USD 170) has strongest effect on purchase decision followed by 10 hours package (USD 100). Despite more discount for highest training package, we observed lukewarm response.

h) Advice to clients:

  • Devise training package with small duration.
  •  You can offer add-on training package in discounting rate
  •  We also found that female respondents prefer longer duration training.

How to outsource your data analysis task to Virtual assistant?

Suppose, you like to launch a product in the market and you have identified your research problem, you can appoint a virtual assistant to perform following tasks

  • Study your products and competitors’ offering in the market and share a brief report
  • Above report can corroborate that your formulated research problem is really relevant
  • Design a questionnaire to meet the research objective
  • Draft a survey plan (which platform to use, whom to approach, what would be optimal sample size)
  • Conduct survey on your behalf
  • Select suitable statistical method for data analysis
  • Presentation of report which helps in decision making

You can perform first few tasks mentioned above, however, data analysis require some basic understating in research design and statistical analysis.

How to select virtual assistant for your data analysis project?

This is a niche job and could be handled by experience virtual assistant company having experience in market research and data analysis. Please ensure the following steps for selecting the competent assistant:

1) Ask for any sample report

2) Share your brief project scope and ask for their views and plan

3) Ask how they can represent the report: Is it only raw finding from data analysis or they would provide managerial implication based on data analysis. Just raw data analysis would not fulfil your purpose. Ask for the detailed report.

If you find all above condition are satisfied, you can award the project on a mile stone basis report or payment.

Where to find virtual assistant for your data analysis tasks?

  • You can find many top virtual assistant companies from advanced and developing nations. Just check their service offering and portfolio. You can book a initial consultation session for discussion the job scope.
  • You can find few top virtual company in India specialised  in market research assignments
  • You can find few top virtual assistant companies from freelance websites.

What is the virtual assistant cost per hour for conducing data analysis job

  • If you hire virtual assistant from India and other developing companies, pricing would be 15 USD/hr to 30 USD/Hr
  • If you hire virtual assistant from developed nations like US, UK, and Australia – changes would be 50 USD/hr to 100 USD/Hr


As a small business owner, you should be looking for virtual assistant resources for data analysis job at reasonable cost. However, you would not get competent virtual assistant at a dart cheap price (USD 5/hr) for performing this type of tasks. You can look for Virtual assistant resources from developing nations, provided you should check their previous samples, virtual assistant qualification, their job approach, etc for selecting them for data analysis project.

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