Online market Research

10 tips for Online market Research

Online market research isn't something which you think of doing when you have spare money from advertisement campaigns. It is a necessity and adds significant edge to your competence in the market. It's neither possible nor expected to have an

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heath research assistant 1

The importance of Qualitative Health Research

Qualitative health research is often spoken of along with the quantitative health research. While there are numerous advantages of quantitative health research, like producing factual data and ready to work analysis of a situation, qualitative

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marketing ideas for virtual assistants

Top 14 marketing ideas for virtual assistants

With the advent of social media platforms and other online marketing tools, you don’t have to pay hardly any money for marketing your new virtual assistant business. All you need is just a little time, effort and skills. When you set up your

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Virtual assistant for healthcare

How can a virtual assistant help health coaches?

Virtual assistant for healthcare services: A virtual assistant (VA)can help Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Wellness Professionals, Speakers, Authors, Consultants, Internet Marketers and all online Entrepreneurs! 80 Percent of U.S doctors

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youtube marketing by virtual assistant

Top 10 YouTube Video Marketing tips from top virtual marketing assistant company in India

Why do you need Video marketing for promoting your product and services online ? They are many popular marketing channels in use by small business owners . But Video marketing is very popular and effective . Why SO ? Here are some interesting

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small business owner tools

Top 10 virtual assistant tools and resources you can use for managing your remote team

If you are a small business owner looking for virtual assistant (VA) support to manage your day to day operation, then this article will help you to select all or some of the tools to delegate tasks to your VA team. These tools are equally important

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Virtual Assistant industry analysis

Virtual Assistant Industry Analysis – quick facts

It’s now post recession era! Industry activities are slowly ramping up in US and other developed nations. But Virtual assistant industry is gearing up at rapid pace. Guess why? Yes, you are right, small business owners across the industries and

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Virtual Assistance

How to Select Vendors for Outsourcing ? Top 6 tips

Companies of all sizes are now looking forward to outsourcing. Outsourcing as many parts associated with. There are many steps involved, but one of the most important steps is about selecting the right type of outsourcing vendor. Wrong decision in

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