How can a Virtual Assistant help in Data Analytics job

Virtual Assistance Service for Data Analytics Job It’s a very common belief that virtual assistants are suitable for low end administrative jobs or performing rudimentary tasks.  But situation has been changed; job scope of virtual assistance

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Artificial Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant industry update – Era of Intelligent virtual assistant (IVA)

Ennovation consulting has taken an initiative to update our visitors with the latest happenings in Virtual assistant industry. Many market level forces affect the dynamics of Virtual assistant industry. I like to cover some facts/trends on a regular

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Small business apps

Top ten apps for small business owners

Our life surrounded with apps these days, from texting to uploading photos, everything is  performed with apps. An apps not only being used for playing games or doing Whatsapp, even small business can be served by these apps. Today I’ll disclose

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Do you need Virtual Assistant Certification for running your online business?

Do you really need virtual assistant certification to run your online Virtual assistant business? This question may arise when you look at highly competitive Virtual assistant industry  outside. As we have mentioned in our earlier articles that a

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10 Tips to Use YouTube for Small Business

YouTube marketing is the most precious hidden gem in the world of Online Marketing. While running a Small Business, YouTube can be your valuable weapon to beat any other Small or Medium Business Competitor in your niche. Not only you can use You

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Virtual Assistant Trends in 2016

Virtual Assistant Trends in 2016 Projecting a set of  trends for an entire Virtual Assistant industry could be a daunting task as this is dominated by few large players and large number of individual virtual assists. But, many of my contacts are

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Is it a tough time for Indian virtual assistant companies ?

Virtual Assistant companies in India : Some facts India is a popular destination for outsourcing your virtual assistant tasks. When we look at the Google trend data , two countries in Asia such India and Philippines show top search trends. In

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Top 20 Personal Assistant Software for small business owners

Can Personal Assistant Software impedes the growth of virtual assistant Industry ?  As we all know that a personal assistant is an administrative assistant or a secretary who works exclusively for a particular person. But this is a general

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