How to Become a Virtual Assistant?


How to become a virtual assistant? Many people are asking this question. Why? Answer is – Work from home is a popular online trend across countries and virtual assistant profession is a legit way to earn from home.  A virtual Assistant offers several kinds of business supports to individuals, Organizations or Companies over internet. They can help you by performing administrative work or accounting work, or technical support. It is a great opportunity to them who want to work from home.

But the biggest question arise here how can one become a virtual assistant. Many of us are not familiar with this term. Mainly  people from this virtual assistant industry  know that it’s one of the fastest growing online industries , and with this flow one day the designation of Personal assistant ( PA ) will become Virtual assistant (VA) .

In our last post we have described about who is a Virtual Assistant. And today I’m going to describe how to become a virtual assistant. Here are some suggestions from my experience, for becoming a Virtual Assistant:

1. Get a website:

First thing you need to do is building up a website. For a Virtual assistant, a website address is like an office address. It will help your clients to reach you and vice versa.  For lead generation you can’t put a single step without your website address.

When you look at Google search research for “Virtual Assistant”, you will find mainly  top “Virtual assistant companies “ appeared in search results ; they are VA  companies, not individual virtual assistant.

So if you are an individual virtual assistant, you can always start your practice by joining few good virtual assistant forums.

Example: Here is view from well known virtual assistant Tawnya Sutherland , founder of  . As per her, one of the best way to start VA business is to  join reputed Virtual assistant forum for free . After some learning, you can look for your own website.

Case Example 2: Ennovation Consulting  – we have started our business in 2010, but after 2 years of operation we have had our first website up in 2012. Even we didn’t feel the importance of website in first 1-2 years of our operation  .

So if you have budget for website, it’s advisable to go for it . You can have freelance web designer who can assist you to develop a website at very low budget ( $ 200  ) .

2. Do   the Basic Right:

As we all know to do something technically correct, we must know the grammar first. Like a manuscript, there are many eBooks are available in the market. More or less they all are same. But here are some suggestions for you,

Remember these are all showing you a road map or basic guidance to beome a successful virtual assistant   , you can learn too many things from these, but you have to travel your own path.

So it’s advisable to go through 1-2 eBooks and make your basic clear about what are important to run a successful VA business.

3. Social Media Connections:

Get involved in those social media where your clients are used to hang out. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or G+ or anything of recent time. But you have to use these sites to reach your client and let them know about some deals, coupons, events etc.

You can also share Educational or tutorial Videos, Text etc.

4. Avoid Spam And Be Helpful:

Many Clients face Spam while they are getting service from VA. Some Clients face a fake VA. Some VAs are not concerned about project dead line, some are not keeping their words about the money they have decided in pre project meeting.

And that makes a wrong impression in the Client’s mind. Avoid all of this if you want to be a successful well known VA.

5. Check out other Virtual Assistant’s profile:

There is a saying -You don’t need to ask your friends always, how they are?

But it is really important to get in touch to your competitor. Always have their news and get updated by following some journals, articles and websites .And by doing these you could learn   many things about this industry. Remember you need to respect your seniors.

6. Advertise your sites:

There are many blogs and forums which can help you to promote your websites. You can advertise your service on Blogger Classifieds and apply for a job on ProBlogger. Elance and oDesk both are recommended sites for Virtual assistant job searching. You can also use LinkedIn to promote your Virtual assistant services. Facebook and G+ both can be handy for the same purpose.

7. Networking:

Networking is the most important step to market your products. And when it’s come to VA, you can’t make a step ahead without good networking. All you need to do is just registered in all kind of social media sites and popular virtual assistant forums, and then interact with people in your industry.  They may not need your help, but they can refer you to others. Blog commenting and blog posting is equally needed. And a press release can give wings to your business.


Many times I was asked how we can make money online, what is virtual assistant. Obviously the first answer is by becoming a VA you can make money online, and the second answer is, this post. Just accept the challenge and maintain your foot step with this new business trend has offered us. We, Ennovation Consulting has been providing virtual assistant services for last 4 years, and now we are sharing our experience with people and telling how you can become a virtual assistant . And internet power has made this possible to do too many things ‘Virtually’.

Top 10 check list for starting virtual assistant business 

1. Get your website ready ( Optional  , but it is better to have if you have budget  )

2. Do some research about Virtual assistant industry and I suggest to read 1 good free book about “How to become a virtual assistant? “ (must)

3. Make your market plan ready (must)

4. Register with popular Virtual assistant forums (must)

5. Use various online marketing strategies to promote your products (must)

6. Start networking with your local bodies

7. Keep your marketing and promotional materials ready

8. Always reach influential people in your industry for their views and suggestion.  (must)

9. Register with various freelancing websites for various virtual assistant jobs. (Must)

10. Keep yourself updated with industry news and event and look for opportunity to forge alliance.

Please me know your view . Look at our other resources .

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About Author – Abir Kumar Das – Abir is a research analyst at Ennovation . He have over 3 years experience in Virtual assistant industry .

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