About Us

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Since its inception in 2010, Ennovation Consulting has provided tailor-made and professionally crafted solutions for our lineage of stalwart clients. Backed by an experience of more than 16 years, the founding hands supervise business research, virtual assistance, industry research and problem analysis projects of our clients.

Besides first-hand experience in planning and establishing various forms of businesses prevailing across various niches throughout the country, we have now set out to make our tireless services available to the world.

As one the most sought-after and highly reviewed marketing research company, we’ve succeeded in progressive market penetration in the fields of online research and virtual assistance.

Our client base leaves a trail crossing continents, right from the USA to Australia.

At Ennovation Consulting, we believe that your dreams and desires can be fulfilled with our unmatched dedication, persistence and sustained sincerity. Your business would soon transition to the big leagues with our experts’ round-the-clock efforts to provide you with cost effective, accurate and well-drafted research reports.

We don’t take your hard-earned money for a toss and always strive to provide a higher return on your investments- whether it is money or time. With unparalleled business ethics and a workforce of dedicated assistants, we are soon proving to be an indispensible asset for our clients (their word not ours).

We are a respected name in our line of business because of our unmatched expertise in:

Virtual Assistant services:

Error less and accurate online research reports built on strategically poised online campaigns conducted by professionals. We specialize in:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Online marketing support
  • Global marketing strategies
  • Online research and sales report
  • Online data management services and
  • In-Depth business analysis.

Through our Virtual Assistant services, you get a special maintenance and follow up team to take care of your websites, blogs, lead generation, virtual assistance, staff training and other important requisites that keep you ahead of the competition.

Research and consulting services:

Our team painstakingly do a thorough research of the current marketing trends and campaigns in your industry.

We have experts providing you with field research reports, territory allocation services, business research, research in personal interest and competition research. Our dependable research reports are based on proven data and records.

Nutrition and health research Services:

As simple as it sounds, the science of nutrition is not easy to understand for everyone.

Health is not something you can ever take for granted. Whether you need a report for your personal use or to publish a paper based on these findings, we understand that there is absolutely no room for error.

Our team of experts have broken down the science of nutrition for your understanding and we deliver customized solutions for every body’s need. We suggest the right nutrients, vitamins, and the caloric requirements right to the last gram to assist in your battle with weight, high or low blood pressure, and even weight gain.

From healthy recipes for everyday meals to sound advice on nutrition, and we’ve never failed to our clients with amazing results.

Ennovation has partnered with more than 600 customers in different countries. We are proud to be a small part in their humungous success. We strongly believe in collaborative work environments to support our clients for successful execution of every project.