15 Must have apps for online business owners


Since the birth of smart phones, we can’t imagine our life without mobile apps. From social media to banking, from taxi to hotel booking, many apps have played a big role to make our life a little easier. However, mobile apps not only helps us to carry our social or financial duties, but also helps online business owners in carrying business functions.

From handling a customer queries to tracking your employees’ schedules, productivity, monitoring expenses, all can be done by apps.

Now, in my today’s article I will tell you about fifteen best apps that will help you in running your online/small business easily. Here’s the list:

1. Evernote

Didn’t you ever have a great idea while flying across the country? Evernote will help you to save all of your thoughts in one place. It has features like storing, organizing, sharing photos and text etc. This famous app has secured $166 million in funding and acquired web startups Skitch and Penultimate to add to their growing list of features. So guess what? A surprise package is also waiting for you.

2. Google Drive

We all know about this popular application of Google. This is most populat mobile apps for online business owners. It will help you to manage your Word, Excel, and Power Point files with editing, sharing and other features. Oh! The most important things to add here – You will get 5GB of free storage.

3. FormMobi

This easy to use app often called a virtual clipboard. This digital clipboard will allow you to gather and distribute data instantly. It has some additional features like CAD quality drawing, recording audio, capturing pictures, collecting signatures.

4. Mailbox

This not so popular, but award winning app will help you with organizing your mail. It makes easy to mark mail as read, important, archive etc. Well a must share info we have here that is behind the support of Gmail, Yahoo, me.com this app works silently. This free app can be accessible in every platform like ios,android, mac etc.

5. Skype

Oh, I don’t think I have to say much about this apps for online business owners. We all know about it pretty well. It helps you to communicate with your friends, family, partner, client with texting and voice calling features.

6. Clear

This easy design app will help you to organize your daily tasks. Your added Items can be adjusted easily by pulling down a task, pinching a task and, finally, swiping it off the screen once it’s completed. And one more thing, this application is not available in Android. It’s only accessible Mac desktop, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iPod touch.

7. Rescue Time

This is an amazing app and my personal favorite too.

It will track time on how much you spent on other application or website. Isn’t great?

It has both premium and free option. And it is accessible in Android, PC, Mac and Linux and costs $72 per year with the first four months free. That’s mean in the first year you got 33% discount.

8. OmniFocus:

Here’s another excellent scheduling managing tasks app for iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches users. The standard iPhone version costs $39.99 and $59.98 for Pro, while the Mac desktop application costs $39.99 for standard and $79.99 for Pro. AndroidFocus is an OmniFocus client app for Android users.

9. Expensify

It will help you to track your expenses during a business trip. Believe me; it makes the entire process a lot less painful. You can link your debit or credit card to your Expensify account so that charges are directly placed on an expense report. Isn’t that sounds wow! I know how you feeling right now. But my dear friend Expensify isn’t free to use. It costs $5 to $10 per active account for team and corporate users. But the good part is, the app works on all phones, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone and on all desktops.

10. PayPal

Yes I know, you guys are well concerned about its features and working policy. So I’ll not say much about this app  for online business owners. Just a little reminder, this convenient Payment app lets you link your credit, debit, and bank account to your PayPal account, thereby making transactions quick and painless. Not only small businesses, many medium and big business use it. There are two type using options in PayPal. Advanced cost $5 per month and Pro services cost $30 per month.

11. Dropbox

We all know about this popular apps for online business owners. The idea of dropbox was invented before face book. In order to introduce dropbox, a small statistics will help you to understand the reach of it. It has 400 million users worldwide, who uses dropbox to save their file in cloud. It offers free trial and accessible in all devices.

12. Mailchimp

If you are thinking of sending bunch of mail at a time, Mailchimp is the service provider you must have. With this tool you may able to build a list of your subscriber, customizing email template, sending to you campaign, checking how your mails are performing. Not only that, it helps you to send newsletter to your subscriber easily. Mailchimp pricing depends on the number of subscriber you have. Or yes, you can up to 12,000 mails for free if you have over 20,000 subscribers.

13. Polaris Office

This app basically used in mobile device. It helps you to view any microsoft office file on road on your mobile device. The Android version is free for this app. But ios version 5 of Polaris Office is cost $12.99.

14. Call / SMS Scheduler

This app will help you to preschedule all of calls and text messages. When time comes it will automatically send them the messages, all you have to do is that just wrote down the text and set the time.

15. Addappt

It’s difficult to up-to-date all of your contacts all the time. And it also difficult to appoint a PA for this. Well you don’t have to think about all these from now. Addappt is in the market for your serve. Addappt allows your contacts to update their information so you don’t have to do it. I am not the only one who is recommending this. It’s already recommended by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ABC and other top media channel. It is gettable in both iTunes and Google Play for free.


So here we have our top 15 must have apps for online business owners. I hope, I have covered all the portion of an online small business needed. Let me check it once again, We have communication apps like Skype, Addappt, Time management apps like clear, Rescue Time, Payment apps like Expensify, PayPal, Organizational apps like Evernote and some unique apps like Mailchimp, Dropbox etc. So here you go my friend. And remember one thing this app will only help as an assistant, but the main part of business will be done by you or your employees. Mankind makes the actual change. Your honesty, hard work, and planning will make the real difference in your business. Best of luck with your online small business.

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About author : Abir Kumar Das – Abir is a research analyst at Ennovation . He has over 5  years of experience in Virtual assistant industry in India . As a lead Indian virtual assistant, he managed over 100+ projects in social media marketing, market research, online research, etc.

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