10 Tips to Use YouTube for Small Business

YouTube marketing is the most precious hidden gem in the world of Online Marketing. While running a Small Business, YouTube can be your valuable weapon to beat any other Small or Medium Business Competitor in your niche.

Not only you can use You Tube as a Social Media channel, but also many YouTube channels are earning plenty of money by making and playing their video on YouTube. Off course, they meet the needs of online visitors. YouTube marketing video, you could describe products/services, tips, educational materials, etc.

I have collected few data from various sources to prove my point and also to give you a little glance about the effectiveness of YouTube marketing.

  • There are more than 1 billion unique users watch YouTube videos every month.
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube, the number is almost an hour for every person on Earth and it has increased 50% more than last year.
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the U.S.
  • Mobile makes up almost 40% of YouTube’s global watch time.

So now, when you finally know about the effectiveness of YouTube video, let me tell you about the right way of using YouTube video for marketing your small business.

1. Keep the flow of content:

A good YouTube channel is the one where you may find no shortage of good and interactive content. I mean no matter what ever is your channel about; just publish videos on a regular basis. I guess at least 2-4 in a month is necessary for a good well known or well subscribed YouTube channel.

2. Get and Keep the Momentum

Once your channel is going good, you will automatically get visitors and subscriber. They will give their feedback, their likes and dislikes. You better keep an open heart on that time and make sure you have replied to all of those feedback.

3. Customize your Chanel properly

When a YouTube visitor click on your account name, then the appeared page is called your channel. That’s also your home page. You can design this page as your own wish .You can customize your channel with colors, images, links, relevant information, and more. This is a great opportunity to promote your brand name or logo. In addition, when you set up a channel on YouTube, your viewers can subscribe and get notified whenever you upload a new video, which helps to encourage repeat visits and loyal viewers.

4. Create a Keyword Stuffed title:

Giving a proper title to your video is a very important thing. It is as important as your video content. Internet itself and YouTube in particular is a huge area. And people search video in YouTube as the same way they search for stuffs in Google. So if you really want other YouTube users find your video on YouTube, it is really important to name it properly. First of all give the name of your views based on key theme or message you like share with your auduence. This is not a big deal I guess. To help yourself in the naming section you can also use Google Ad words. Don’t try anything cheesy, just go with simple and catchy heading.

5. Choosing the Proper Category and Tags

There are 15 categories like business, art, sports etc., that you will see during uploading a YouTube video.  Don’t skip this part to categorize your video. In the next step you will be asked to add tags to your video. My suggestion is that add tags that are suggested by YouTube. Also you can add custom tags that are your own set tags. Do anything you like but don’t make it messy.

6. Describe your video properly

A proper description of your YouTube video is an important part like choosing category and using tags. Describe your video content properly. It should be short but informative. And don’t forget to stuff your vital keywords in the description.

7. Using Subtitles:

Using subtitles to your video is not necessary but it will be a great help for your viewers. May be you speak native English but your viewers are not or the vice versa. So putting a subtitle to your video is a great thing to do.

8. Let your customer do the Talking about you on Your Video:

Many small Businesses got a great result by publishing their client testimonial video  in YouTube marketing. If you are wondering how does it come? Then, people actually want to know about you from a third party source before the hire or choose you for their business. So this is why posting a client testimonial video can be turned out pretty impressive.

9. Collaboration of your YouTube Channel with Google+

The point of Google+ is to go viral. It means during users comment on your videos, you can interact with them. The YouTube commenting system is now linked to Google+ profiles, so make sure you is ready for visitors via YouTube marketing channel with your company profile filled out in detail, including a professional Display Picture.

10. Promoting Your Video:

If you consider doing a video is your primary jobs in term of you tube video marketing, then promoting the video is equally important in the same term. You video is for no good if you don’t get visitors for it. And uploading a video doesn’t mean you will automatically get your visitors. You need to give a little push to make people find your videos on web. Here’s how you will push. You already know the importance of collaboration of your YouTube account with Google+. But you also have to promote your video on other viral social media sites like FaceBook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter etc. You have to invite your friend, acquaintance to see, comment and like your videos.

Concluding remarks

So now you know the pros and cons about the YouTube video marketing. If you already have a YouTube video account and you are doing it then share your experience with us in the comment box. For any other Small Business Quarries feel free to inbox me.


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